Create your money pot in one click!

For a birthday, group gift, leaving do, wedding, travels, stag, hen, housewarming, or more...

Elegant personalised money pots

Add a photo to create and invite your friends to participate online on your computer or mobile.

Take your gifts higher with "gift cards"

We'll credit your money pot by up to €10 if you choose to convert the amount collected into gift cards. You'll be able to use them right away in plenty of cool stores. Please note that selected brands can vary over time. However, be sure they will always be of the finest quality. Here are some brands we regularly work with:

High commissions are a thing of the past

Take a look at this scenario of a money pot that has reached €500.00, and if you would decide to transfer it to your bank account:

Website Lydia App
Commisson 20 € (4%) 20 € (4%) 0€ (0%) 14.5€ (2.9%)

1. Create

Choose a title, download a photo, and publish your Cagnotte page. Secure. Free. Instant.

2. Collect

Invite your friends to participate via Facebook, Twitter, or email. You can follow the progress of the moneypot on your computer or mobile.

3. Spend

Transfer the money to your bank account or Lydia account to use it.

Create your money pot in one click!